The Poetry Project


The Poetry Project has always been a space that facilitates and values contact and learning between poets from different generations and experiences, and in 2013 we initiated the Emerge-Surface-Be fellowship program to formalize that relationship-centered pedagogical model while providing a unique opportunity to support and uplift emerging NYC-based poets. For the first six years we supported three emerging poets annually, and beginning in 2020-2021 the program grew to supporting five. Fellows are selected by and paired with their own poet mentors, who then work together over the course of nine months to support the Fellow in developing their craft; to explore publication and performance opportunities; and to reflect on the professional and community-based dimensions of a writing life. Ideal Fellows will have a project they are working on or want to embark upon, and feel that they would benefit from guidance and support. Each Fellow will receive an award of $2,500.

In addition to receiving the honorarium and working one-on-one with their mentors, Fellowship also includes access to all Poetry Project events (free workshops, free readings, free publications), and contributing to The Poetry Project's journal, The Recluse. As a culminating event, Fellows read in The Poetry Project's Monday Night or Friday Night Reading Series with introductions made by their mentors. Fellows will be invited to attend gatherings with the Project staff, as well as the other Fellows and mentors. Poetry Project staff and mentors will also work with each Fellow to find other unique opportunities for deepening, sharing, and connecting their poetry to specific goals the Fellows might have.

Applicants that have achieved some measure of local, regional, or national professional recognition will be judged favorably, as will applicants who have been published or had work presented in recognized publications and venues. However, the most important criterion is that an applicant's work shows potential. Therefore, demonstration of a high level of skill and unique stylistic vision will be considered in the decision making process.

Our definition of “emerging” is a writer who has local and perhaps regional recognition and may have national exposure, though not national recognition. As a top limit, an emerging writer has published no more than one full­ length perfect bound book and no more than three chapbooks (not including self­-published work in chapbook form).

The Poetry Project embraces diversity in the broadest sense of the word. This principle is reflected in the choice of mentor poets and will be reflected in the selection of Fellows.

Emerge — Surface — Be is supported with funds from the Jerome Foundation. The program runs annually from October-June, and we accept applications in July and August.

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2021-22

  • Noelle de la Paz will be working with Anaïs Duplan
  • Alisha Mascarenhas will be working with Asiya Wadud
  • Anthony Thomas Lombardi will be working with Celina Su
  • Rachelle Rahmé will be working with Steph Gray
  • imogen xtian smith will be working with Stacy Szymaszek

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2020-21

  • danilo machado worked with Ariel Goldberg
  • Serena Devi worked with Farnoosh Fathi
  • Gabrielle Octavia Rucker worked with Hannah Black
  • Genji Amino worked with John Yau
  • Trevor Ketner worked with Wayne Koestenbaum

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2019-20

  • Cindy Tran worked with Tina Chang
  • S*an D. Henry-Smith worked with Fred Moten
  • Jimena Lucero worked with Trace Peterson

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2018-19

  • Kay Gabriel worked with Rachel Levitsky
  • Francisco Márquez worked with Douglas A. Martin
  • Andriniki Mattis worked with Pamela Sneed

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2016-17

  • Jayson P. Smith worked with John Godfrey
  • Sasha Smith worked with Marcella Durand
  • Nicole Shanté White worked with r. erica doyle

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2015-16

  • Nicole Sealey worked with Lee Ann Brown
  • Edgar Ulloa worked with Tracie Morris
  • t'ai freedom ford worked with Tan Lin

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2014-15

  • Miriam Atkin worked with David Henderson
  • Maxe Crandall worked with Mónica de la Torre
  • Morgan Võ worked with Brenda Coultas

Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows 2013-14

  • Krystal Languell worked with Anselm Berrigan
  • Rangi McNeil worked with Edwin Torres
  • Guillermo Filice Castro worked with Patricia Spears Jones