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Book Release for Since When, a Memoir by Bill Berkson

Since When (Coffee House Press 2018) takes us through a life of friendship, admiration, and long conversation between poets, visual artists, critics, performers, and activists, with the incomparably bighearted and worldly poet Bill Berkson at its center. Join us as we celebrate the release of Berkson’s memoir with readings and reflections from Connie Lewallen, Phong Bui, Andrei Codrescu, Holland Cotter, Charles North, Ron Padgett, Kyle Schlesinger, Anne Waldman, and others to be announced.

“Bill was a still point in a turning world. He made grace and kindness, careful intelligence and everyday happiness, seem properties of a social commons–where you found yourself, when around him, and missed, when not. This beautiful book immortalizes that spell.”
–Peter Schjeldahl