Mapping/ Local Geographies/ Poetics of Location — Master Class with C.S. Giscombe

The idea for this workshop has to do with location as an activity as opposed to a static description of being or arrival or “completeness.” What goes into the process of tracing routes—or roots, and/ or branches—through quite real (which is to say, established by others) geographies? What do we include? What do we leave out? What do we trouble? And how do we trouble? The workshop will traffic with the idea of the arrivant, best described perhaps by Sean Meighoo, who wrote, “The arrivant who is ‘always arriving’ and yet has ‘never arrived,’ disturbing the conceptual order of identity, community, nationality, and citizenship.”

Participants should bring fifteen copies of a map—“hard copies,” on paper—of a significant place, significant meaning of personal importance and personal knowledge or familiarity. Packet of readings from Basho, Kamau Brathwaite, and Lorine Niedecker.