Out of Place: A Prose Workshop — Symposium Workshop with Samuel Delany

First instruction: Take out your notebook and writing utensil, or a laptop (laptops at your own risk). When we start the workshop, break up into pairs and walk up to five minutes in an agreed-on direction.
Second instruction: Stop somewhere you have not stopped before. Sit down on the street, on a stoop, or on the sidewalk; take out your notebook, and describe for twenty minutes where you are. What does it feel like? What does it smell like? Sound like? (If you can’t go to such a place, make one up and see if you can fool us into thinking this is a true account.) What does it look like? Do you learn anything you didn’t know by doing this? Do not write about your partner, but see if, without giving an address, you can make the place recognizable to someone else who might pass through it.
Third instruction: Come back, join the group, and be ready to read what you wrote and discuss what it feels like to be back in place.
Fourth instruction: By groups, read the pieces out loud, and we will discuss as many as we can for up to 5 minutes each. Consider, did having a partner make things easier or harder? How would you change the exercise to improve it?