Symposium Closing Reading and Keynote

Short readings by Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves and Filip Marinovich.

Keynote by Alice Notley — “Allen Ginsberg: An International Poetry and Its Particles”

That Allen Ginsberg is thus far the one truly international poet that has ever lived, making of his person or speaker or point-dot of location in the poem a verticality or stack of conditions across the globe, as one knowing about any number of places and kinds of consciousness at once . . . Specific poems discussed.

Followed by closing reception.

Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves

Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves (NYC, 1980) is an artist concerned with postcolonial ethnobotany, the limits of language, and archive as medium. Greaves has most recently been published in the collections Letters to the Future: Black Women / Radical Writing (Kore Press, 2018), and Creature/Verdure (Pinsapo, 2018), as well as in her chapbook Close Reading As Forestry (Belladonna, 2017).

Filip Marinovich

Filip Marinovich is the author of WOLFMAN LIBRARIAN, AND IF YOU DON’T GO CRAZY I’LL MEET YOU HERE TOMORROW, ZERO READERSHIP. His new book THE SUITCASE TREE is forthcoming from The Operating System. He teaches the poetry seminar QUEERING POETS BY SUN SIGN at The Page Poetry Parlor in Chelsea Manhattan.

Alice Notley

Alice Notley has published over thirty books of poetry, including (most recently) Songs and Stories of the Ghouls, Negativity’s Kiss, and the chapbook Secret I D. With her sons Anselm and Edmund Berrigan, she edited both The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan and The Selected Poems of Ted Berrigan. Notley has received many awards including the Academy of American Poets’ Lenore Marshall Prize, the Poetry Society of America’s Shelley Award, the Griffin Prize, two NEA Grants, and the Los Angeles Times Book Award for Poetry. She lives and writes in Paris, France.