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Excerpt from Casey Play by Anna Vitale

from Casey Play

It is 1995. Two white kids, A & C, are huddled together in a basement. The song “Girls and Boys” by Blur plays on a boombox. C is packing a bowl.

A: Do you like the music video for “Been Caught Stealing”?

C: Which one’s that?

A: A dude dresses up like a pregnant lady. He puts on all these pads in a bathroom and then when he’s at the store, he puts a pineapple up his dress.

C: It’s cool . . . (singing) girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they’re girls . . . (C. is stuffing aluminum foil into the top of a 2 liter pop bottle. She takes out one of her earrings to poke holes in the foil.)

A: I feel like he’s making fun of us somehow.

C: Why? (Taking a big hit off the bong and then coughing a lot.) We’re not pregnant and if we were, we’d look better than that dick.


C: Padded dick wearin motherfucker.

A: But what if you got pregnant and a pineapple came out?

C: Don’t fucking say that shit! Ugh! Ouch! I don’t wanna think about that.

A: Ok. Ok. (Taking a hit.) Where’s that “Pretty” song?

C: What “Pretty” song?

A: Where the guy goes “ahh you think yr so pretttyyyyy . . .”

C: Here, here. I got it.

C sorts through a pile of tapes. Pulls one out, rewinds it, and presses play. They begin to dance, bouncing up and down, almost hitting their heads on the ceiling.

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