The Poetry Project

Fall 2022 Curatorial Statement

Following our spring 2022 inquiry into listening as a form of poetic echolocation, in the fall of 2022 we’ll extend our exploration of the ways we locate ourselves relationally by considering the haptic’s mysteries of proprioception, by considering touch.

We are interested in what it means to hold and to be held, to trace and to catch, what it takes to build a container of openings, not organized around limitation but possibility, temporary and movable, a kind of lively devotion, communal. We’re thinking about the local and localism, and how those scales have shifted over time, both in the specific geography we inhabit and through communities that, while located geographically elsewhere, are nevertheless present. We’re reflecting on the many complexities and intricacies of touch, the ways it can harm as well as heal, exclude as well as include. We’re remembering that touch is something that happens both in community and in solitude, across distances and histories. We're curious about the temporality of touch, the way a moment of contact can transform its players in ways both fleeting and permanent, how it can literally enable survival. As Dolores Dorantes writes, “You live because the moon touched the stone jutting out of the pond to show you, copiously, its edges.”

Our events this season are noted as either happening virtually or in-person, with details on our event pages for registration, access, and safety practices. As we continue to update capacity and conditions for in-person gathering, please note that registration for our in-person events will open three weeks in advance of the event.