The Poetry Project


The Poetry Project has always been dedicated to creating spaces for collective learning and exploration that are counterhierarchical, rhizomatic, intergenerational, and insurgent. It is with this dedication that we are honored to offer our two fellowship programs – Emerge–Surface–Be Fellowship for Emerging Poets and the Curatorial Fellowship.

Through the frames of mentorship and curatorial collectivity, we aspire to support a continually more radical and expansive cultural community, as we work to actively and self-critically consider the different institutional and resource barriers that so often exclude emerging artists, curators, and community-builders. The Poetry Project is committed to offering support that is material and flexible to our fellows and broader community as we address the shifting possibilities and requirements that are both personal and global. Fellows, mentors, curators, Project staff, and community work together to honor the provisional and fugitive, the exceptional and the quotidian, the story we collectively write that is both very old and very new.

Applications for the Emerge–Surface–Be Fellowship for Emerging Poets are currently closed.

Applications for the Curatorial Fellowship are currently closed.

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