The Poetry Project

2021 - 2022 Curatorial Fellows

The Poetry Project is thrilled to announce our cohort of 2021–2022 Curatorial Fellows: Cassandra Gillig, Ethan Philbrick, and MOGULUOBO.

Heading into its second year, the Curatorial Fellowship has become an integral part of The Poetry Project's programming, an aperture through which our Fellows interrogate, intervene, and create their own series of readings through and alongside The Poetry Project's season of events. This year's cohort of four Curatorial Fellows will be split between The Poetry Project's Spring and Fall 2022 Seasons, each curating a series of three events to inform, rally, uplift, challenge, and reconstitute us. Read on to find out more about the 2021-2022 Fellows and their proposed series of events.

Ethan Philbrick: Song in an Expanding Field

Song in an Expanding Field is a four-part series assembling artists who work with song as a malleable material for sonic and poetic experimentation. When song breaks with inherited forms and structures, it is often thought to cease to be song and become something else entirely: sound, improvisation, poem, performance, etc. This series gathers artists working at the edge of song and not-song to explore the significance and force of this expanded field of practice. Each evening pairs artists to share performances alongside one another before engaging in a conversation about the politics of song form and experimentation.

In addition to the performances, the series also includes a free online reading and discussion group about the poetics and politics of experimental song.


Through a series of collective and public events, MOGULUOBO will host languages that don’t quite properly exist: lovers’ code, hypertrophied dialects, asemic writing, the bad and the wrong and the asignifying sound – where semantic sense melts down into somatic sensuality. MOGULUOBO offers space for otherness to play – other friends, other words, other limerences and deviant forkings of the tongue, other kinds of thunder sounding when communication falters.

Cassandra Gillig

Check your hell at the door, it's the first-ever Utopian R&D Summit. The current apocalypse’s most brilliant rejectors will hold focus groups around our new paradise. What’s for lunch? Can a guillotine be recycled? How long can we keep our former landlords in pillories before it becomes excessive? Answers to these questions & many, many more.

Curatorial Fellowship