The Poetry Project

Alice Alice Alice

Rachel Rabbit White

I dreamt that cows were eating us
in joyous sunlit sequence
we awoke
to tangerines falling
like meadows of duchess
satin under the sign
of lackadaisical number-nine
curious hurtling through a cosmos magenta like
how could we be victims
using every situation for our gain

tell it, how we threw
an entire wardrobe
into the lake

mirror made of water
mirror made of vodka
dresser drawer by drawer

night by velvet-sided
night we could change
in contours of ultra august
gloss cursive and cat litter

riding on the edge of soon
we raised our palms
still focused on the neon
formed behind closed eyes

when there was pleasure in
knowing it couldn’t last forever

back when we were sure
something would happen

and the certain voice assured
it all meant something
for some future

not yet feeling
the softest friction
of your one-way

still unable to know what we
couldn’t sense, or why
Alice, Alice, Alice
that this is it

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