The Poetry Project

Remembering Lewis Warsh

Sarah Anne Wallen

Lewis was so very dear to me. As people share memories of him, I can't help but think about what he would say in reaction to all of it. "What do we think of all this, my dear?" The hours upon hours I spent with him in his office at LIU (gossiping, talking poetry, publishing, my life, his life) are some of the most important of my life. It is still difficult to say much more than that, but I have managed to create a collage as tribute to Lewis and his work... I have one of his collages hanging in my apartment, and in fact it was the first thing I hung on the wall when I moved this past August. I photocopied the images of Lewis from MIMEOMIMEO: the Lewis Warsh Edition from Cuneiform Press. The drawing is Joe Brainard's, and the photo was taken in 2010 by John Sarsgard. Letters and the lady liberty image are cut from several magazines. The collage is 10''x10'' on plastic.

In Memoriam: Lewis Warsh (1944–2020)