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VIDEO: an evening with Cuirpoétikas and Tierra Narrative

May 13th, 2021

Note: this is the English version of this recording.

Based in Guatemala City, Cuirpoétikas is a platform for exchange of artistic and poetic ideas, dialogue and research on sexual dissidence from a queer perspective. Tierra Narrative will collaborate with Cuirpoétikas and invite three Guatemala City poets to share their work, followed by a conversation around queer small press/DIY publishing, poetic lineages, and community history.

Featuring: Dada Alguien, Rodrigo Arenas-Carter, Marielos Olivo, Fabrizio Quemé, Kenny Rodríguez, and Manuel Tzoc

We appreciate and honor the tremendous amount of work put in by the interpreters, the translators, the CART captioners, and the video editors we worked with to navigate the challenges of preparing, editing, and sharing multilingual recordings of events during the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to technical issues with zoom's recording, we were unable to capture all of the interpreted audio from this event. The poets' readings are presented side-by-side with English translations visible on the screen. We understand and acknowledge that translation is a living process and the translations provided in our recordings should not be considered final or complete. Rodrigo Arenas-Carter's translated their own work into English. Manuel Tzoc's work translated into English by Paul Worley. Other English translations provided by Jen Eleana Hofer, Alexia Veytia-Rubio, Òscar Moisés Díaz, and Maryam Parhizkar. English Interpretation provided by JD Pluecker and Alexia Veytia-Rubio.

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