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VIDEO: archives of salvadoran cinema with Tierra Narrative

April 15th, 2021

Note: this is the English version of this recording.

Tierra Narrative invites three Salvadoran/diaspora poets to write alongside films housed by El Museo de la Palabra y La Imagen in San Salvador–– an institution dedicated to collecting and preserving memories of the Salvadoran civil war. In addition to readings, we will screen these short films: El Gran Debut (1976) by Baltazar Polío in collaboration with Teatro Grupo Independiente and La Zona Intertidal (1980) by collective Los Vagos.

Featuring: Lauri García Dueñas (ES/MX), Raquel Gutierrez (US), and Elena Salamanca (ES)

We appreciate and honor the tremendous amount of work put in by the interpreters, the translators, the CART captioners, and the video editors we worked with to navigate the challenges of preparing, editing, and sharing multilingual recordings of events during the pandemic. Due to technical issues with zoom recordings we were unable to capture the full interpreter audio. Lauri García Dueñas's and Elena Salamanca's readings are presented side-by-side with English translations of their work. Lauri García Dueñas's English translation by Robin Myers. Elena Salamanca English translation by Jen Eleana Hofer and Alexia Veytia-Rubio. English Interpretation provided by jen eleana hofer and Alexia Veytia-Rubio.

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