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VIDEO: isthmus dream transits with Tierra Narrative

March 18th, 2021

Note: this is the English version of this recording.

As an embodiment of dreaming, how can poetry alter our relationships to colonial geographies and their spectral residues? This reading and following conversation (moderated by curatorial fellows) brings together three poets whose works trace alternate cartographies of Central America and the Caribbean through dream-work and re-visions of history, ancestry and time.

Featuring readings by: Shyanne Figueroa Bennett (US), Edgar García (US), and Wingston González (Guatemala)

We appreciate and honor the tremendous amount of work put in by the interpreters, the translators, the CART captioners, and the video editors we worked with to navigate the challenges of preparing, editing, and sharing multilingual recordings of events during the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we were unable to capture all of the interpreted audio from this event. Wingston González's reading is presented with original audio side-by-side a written English translation by Urayoán Noel. During the Q&A, Wingston González's audio does not have interpretation. English Interpretation provided by jen eleana hofer and Alexia Veytia-Rubio.

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