The Poetry Project

livestream triptych

Franny Alani

cyber-tree of knowledge poem (no title yet)

you have all the hygienic technologies but your mind
is tattered in cogent ways.

local assignment: turn towards the primacy of losing lucidity
pythonic assignment: insert appropriate message below the eyes

do you operate in sterile conditions?

my caregiver can excise that for you
a data tree is a basic structure
would you like them to remove it
is there a way to canc––

spare eyes
open eyes

in the style of AI (CLIP Interrogator)

seven toddlers and two adults, jpg.19856, constructed, blurred, composite wood and playlists, inclusion, positive peer interactions. drool and grasping and whispers of RSV as a mouse runs into the maintenance space. my father is an industrial designer, a peanut butter puff coated in applesauce near a ball meant for dogs.

poem about two words that sound alike but have two very different meanings (rectangle? poem)

a body terror begins
the drip before it enters externally reminds
us all of the womb room and its milky stretch.
microscopic phlegm caught by a motion picture
reel it back in (i say to my baby) who loves to feel
my fluidity. i only have one degree (i say) but my baby
says she is content with my many kinds of mucus

Work from The Art of Accumulation with Vi Khi Nao