The Poetry Project

Heart On Your Sleeve

The Poetry Project is pleased to announce the launch of Heart On Your Sleeve. A collaboration between Saint Flashlight and The Poetry Project, Heart On Your Sleeve features six short poems on coffee sleeves written by Cathy Linh Che, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Eileen Myles, Rochelle Owens, Nicole Sealey, and Irene Villaseñor. Drop by LMCC’s Art Center on Governor's Island to grab a Joe Coffee featuring one of the Heart On Your Sleeve poems. The poetry sleeves will also be available at Joe Coffee’s second Governor's Island location at Liggett Terrace.

This project delivers poetry into people’s hands as we navigate, calibrate, and recalibrate to communal city life within the unfixed context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Insulation sleeves for takeout coffee-cups are marked with curated epigrams of 150 words or less that reflect numerous visions of the future. Heart On Your Sleeve seeks to infuse New Yorkers’ lives with messages of liberation, equity, and even utopia.

Joe Coffee at LMCC’s Art Center is open Thursday–Sunday, 10am–5pm. The Liggett Terrace location is open Monday–Thursday, 10am–4pm, and Friday–Sunday, 10am–6pm.