The Poetry Project

Crush Sonnets

Melissa Lozada-Oliva



ME: Oh, hi! Uh. What are you doing here?
YOU: I’m food shopping. For food. Uh, to eat it.
ME: Wow, wild. Um. I do that all the time!
YOU: Do you have a favorite food… to eat?
ME: Yeah. I could think of a few. Not picky.
YOU: Me too. Well I don’t eat meat.
ME: Yeah, same! Or, I make vegan choices.
YOU: Would you ever want to eat something?
ME: I mean, I eat. All the time. Do you mean —
YOU: Together. If you’re interested, that is.
ME: I’m interested. Definitely.
YOU: Cool. Well, see you around. Oh, sorry.
ME: Oops, I thought you were going to the left —
YOU: No, that was my bad. Please, after you.


ME: We haven’t touched each other all day.
YOU: Wanted to make sure it was mutual.
ME : So we’ll sleep stiff. Like we’re made of metal.
YOU: Yeah, just two robots who are not touching.
ME : We could hold each other’s pinkies. Like this.
YOU: I like that. But now the seal is broken.
ME: Oh no! Disastrous consequences.
YOU: I’ll never see a unicorn again.
ME: Do you ever feel like you don’t belong?
YOU: Like you’re an alien or something?
ME: Like any second someone could notice.
YOU: You smell good. Can I come closer to you?
ME: What if I told you I was abducted?
YOU: Then aliens did a good job with you.


ME: Let’s play a game. Who are those people?
YOU: An old couple on their way to the movies.
ME: What are their names? What do they fight about?
YOU: Lorraine & Georgia. They…. fight about time.
ME: Who do they miss & why don’t they see them?
YOU: Their son Edgar. He went off to the big city.
ME: But I thought we were in the big city!
YOU: There’s another big city, up in space.
ME: Ohhhh back to aliens, I see. What’s Edgar like?
YOU: Edgar is a dancer & he never dreams.
ME: So when he closes his eyes what happens?
YOU: Just wet darkness. Just the shadow of stars.
ME: If I were a stranger who would I be?
YOU: A funny woman I’d like to talk to.

House Party #1