The Poetry Project

Sunset Soundz

The Actual Fuck

Hi I’m Dana, a beatnik from Kentucky. I’m in a band with Cyndi Stinson & Mark Mendoza. We’re called The Actual Fuck. We play pop music & live in Cincinnati. This is a demo I made 4 my bandmates in advance of a rehearsal that never occurred.

Sunset Sounds is a studio in Hollywood. It’s where Prince made “1999”. The phrase is also featured in the lyrics to a lovely Pastels song called “Boats”, the words to which I offer here, sounding as they do, as if someone were dreaming when they wrote them, or as if nowhere were being dreamed of gently, by some source of enamoring tranquility, writing.


Sunset eyes
Come out & try
From under clouds
Sunset sounds

Can’t you see
Nothing in between
you & me
Sunset sounds

Boats in the bay
Blue & gray
planes on the ground

Trees on the beach
illuminate & reach
Come on down
Sunset sounds

Cliff dive place
Sun’s evening grace
Gold turns the ground
Sunset Sounds

Words we sing
Languages ring
Echoing down
Sunset sounds

House Party #3