The Poetry Project

House Party #7

STRIKE. CANCEL RENT. FREE THEM ALL. House Party #7: MAY DAY ISSUE assembles incendiary music, videopoems and stories, and art practice works that have risen throughout these wide calls to cancel rent, free all prisoners, shut down COVID-19 infected work sites, demand hazard pay and to stand with striking workers. In our biggest issue to date, we imagine togetherness through the vastness of art practices of that contributors gathered here, and hope for a post COVID-19 world where we can once again, return to the street in celebration of MAY DAY.

For this issue, we're specifically calling on readers to direct $5, $10, and $20 donations as able to the fund for Emergency COVID Relief for Sex Workers in New York. We are in solidarity with this community of workers who have been entirely shut out from state provisions of relief and care.