The Poetry Project

#98 — April 1983

- Readings
- Announcements
- Poems: Some and First Time In A Decade by Anselm Hollo; Amnesia and The Moon by Terence Winch; From Henry James by Chris Kraus; Untitled by Larry Eigner; Chicago by Stephen Rodefer; Going At Sunset by Annabell Levitt; Modigliani's Models by Sarah Brown Weitzman; My Beautiful Robot by Julie Erlich.
- Books and Magazines Received
- Reviews: Parallax (Vol. 1 #1) by Chris Kraus; The Sonnets by Eileen Myles; The Z-D Generation by Pat Nolan; The Oxford Shakespeare: Henry V, The Taming of the Shrew, Troilus and Cressida by Tom Clark; Beat Museum -- Bardo Hotel, Chapter 2A Table With PeopleJungle Girl and The Invention of Solitude by Carl Solomon; Four Lectures by Anselm Hollo; Riding the One-Eyed Ford by Don Yorty; Oracle Night: A Love Poem by Andrei Codrescu; Back in North by Vincent Katz; The Secret of the Waterfall by Bob Rosenthal.
- Editor: Greg Masters

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