The Poetry Project

from the The Nerve Epistle

Sarah Riggs

Dear Ashraf,

I heard you were there
not being able to imagine it
we are writing you this song
how to send love to someone
never met. Heard you there.
Habib imprisoned this week.
In or out. A penetrating
Dialogue. A wish to send
owl’s wings. Caught and
imported. For that hour,
second you there. Between
the films, sliver of an eye.
Sent you a rope to pull you
back into this place.


Dear Etel,

Those thoughts circle back
We had heard through the ocean
The creatures in troubled waters
We creatures turning about
Merely muse and a wonder
For the cavity: in there a coffee
Running alongside some questions
And you answered in green
You always answer in colors
The torrential thoughts in a window
or a cloud

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