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From: Have You Been Feeling Blue These Days? Poems by Kim Eon Hee, translated by Eunsong Kim & Sung-Gi Kim

Eunsong Kim & Elvia Wilk
Friday, April 26, 2019

from Have You Been Feeling Blue These Days? Poems by Kim Eon Hee, translated by Eunsong Kim & Sung-Gi Kim

Have you been feeling blue these days?
Are you struggling because of money?
Did you watch the viral videos?
Is this your castle in the sky?
Do your enemies appear as your parents?
Are you afraid of becoming an arsonist?
Do you want to suffer more from your sense of guilt?
Are you anxious you might step on a dead person’s foot, somewhere?
Even though you’re alone are you really not alone?
Do even dogs or cows belittle you?
Is your eye twitching and pus pouring
Out of your gums?
Is smoke coming out from your asshole or ear hole?
Do your words come out like mushed rotten strawberries?
Are both your hands fool’s gold, one holding amnesia and the other delirium?
Are you boundless and trapped? Suffocating and
In pitch-black? You’ll likely go crazy soon
But like, only like
Are you like that?

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Photo: Jason Hirata

Eunsong Kim

Eunsong Kim is a writer and educator residing in southern California. She works with local and national youth arts organizations such as Urban Gateways to develop and teach critically based art and poetry programs. Her essays on literature, digital cultures, and art criticism have appeared and are forthcoming in: Scapegoat, Lateral, The New Inquiry, Model View Culture, AAWW’s The Margins, and in the book anthologies, Global Poetics, Critical Archival Studies, and Reading Modernism with Machines. Her poetry has or will been published in: Denver Quarterly, Seattle Review, Feral Feminisms, Minnesota Review, Interim, Iowa Review, and Action Yes. She was the recipient of a 2015 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for the blog contemptorary and her first book of poems will be published by Noemi press in 2017.

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