The Poetry Project

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The Poetry Project’s Members and Donors help to sustain a thriving cultural anti-enterprise – a counter-hierarchical, radically open space and community which advances more open access to literature, education, and opportunities for sharing one’s creative work.

We believe poetry is vital to communities and advocate to make our programs and publications available regardless of ability to pay. Our events and workshops are often half the going rate of comparable programs elsewhere – and on top of this, we create opportunities for work-exchange admissions and full-tuition scholarships.

We also believe that the time and work poets dedicate to poetry has value, and we recognize this through payment and honoraria consistent with what artists and performers receive in other disciplines.

And we believe that culture ripples out from here in a singular and meaningful way – that our economy of freely given, materially supported poetry continues to profoundly shape broader artistic risk-taking, innovation, and collectivity.

When you donate to The Poetry Project, you join a community of supporters who have helped to define avant-garde literature and performance of the past half century. And you directly contribute to the poets, students, readers, and listeners envisioning a bolder future.