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The Poetry Project Newsletter

The Poetry Project is significantly expanding the publication side of our work — more reviews, interviews, and other featured scholarly and critical pieces. In keeping with the radical, open spirit of The Project, we’ve taken on this increased work through an editorial collective model. The Poetry Project is excited to work with Kay Gabriel, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, and Morgan Võ. As The Poetry Project’s Newsletter Art Editor, Dave Morse will be designing the Newsletter’s quarterly print issues and selecting visual art to appear alongside other content.

The Poetry Project’s Newsletter Editorial Collective is interested and dedicated to:

  • Rethinking the review / poetry criticism from a genre perspective
  • Endeavoring to give critical coverage to work that doesn’t frequently receive it (and in many cases, work that hasn’t been reviewed elsewhere at all)
  • Connecting poetry discourse with other disciplines, with movement-building practices, and with other theoretical frames
  • Building a space for continued work against/over the racialized, sexist, gendered, and ableist hierarchies in historical and contemporary poetry criticism
  • Working against institutional hierarchy in the ecosystem of review, publishing, and audience (while also recognizing certain forces, patterns, and dynamics that come out of the particular institution that The Poetry Project is)

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