The Poetry Project


As part of our commitment to supporting alternative modes of scholarship, criticism, and collective meaning-making, The Poetry Project is working to expand our publication practice and platform. In addition to the reviews, interviews, essays, and more published in The Newsletter, we are also working to make available more documentation, ephemera, and learning resources from both our live performance events and from our workshops, classes, and reading groups.

There are many reasons, both circumstantial and systemic, why some bodies are present in the room for some occasions and others are not. Part of our intention through this increased publishing is to extend and deepen the critical and creative work of our programming, creating space for broader participation, generative reflection, and more capacious temporality. We know that readings do not begin and end in the Parish Hall, and workshops are not over after the final meeting. Through making available the living, growing, shared archive of these collective experiences, we hope to reflect the ways in which the work is already ongoing, and to offer resources to reach out further and further in our thinking, making, and community-building.

We will be publishing reading introductions, video and audio documentation of readings and performances, lecture and talk transcriptions, both workshop prompts and the writing they help inspire, and more. Once returned to what Fred Moten and Stefano Harney have called “the undercommons” of study as social space/event, we eagerly await your creative, critical, germinal response.