The Poetry Project


The Poetry Project offers various low-cost, sliding-scale, and no-fee workshops and reading groups where we attempt to expand participation in cultural production and discussion and challenge conventional power vectors around who is or can be a student, teacher, or scholar, fostering a learning model that is more circularly discursive. Teachers, experienced writers, and people for whom writing is a new practice work collectively with a shared dedication to creating exciting poetry and exploring a wide range of literary genres, styles, and traditions.

The Poetry Project’s learning community is enriched and honored by the active, formative participation of poets and writers from all different backgrounds and experiences, regardless of previous academic background. We work to make learning resources and opportunities available to as wide and inclusive a community as possible.

We enthusiastically await the return of our community members who are currently experiencing incarceration, even as we continue to hear and uplift their voices while inside. We are happy to reiterate this in any letters of reasonable assurance for parole packets that might be helpful. Please contact Will at with any questions, to request information, or to get involved.


  • 10-session workshops are $300
  • 5-session workshops are $150
  • Deep Study Sessions are $95

Workshop Scholarship:

Scholarship applications for summer workshops have closed.

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