The Poetry Project


Evening Oracle — 10-Session Workshop with Mayra Rodríguez Castro

I read fires on the swell
— Brandon Shimoda, Evening Oracle

The evening oracle is a form of divination from words spoken by passerby at night. It is practiced by hearing strangers at a crossroads. Incidentally, voices might swarm into a message. Our evening oracle will convene remotely through written correspondence, dream notation, and errancy. We will observe daily language and mass echoes over the course of ten weeks accompanied by the poetry of June Jordan (Things That I do in the dark, 1981), Gōzō Yoshimasu (The Other Voice, 2005), and Li-Young Lee (Book of My Nights, 2001) along far interlocutors. The workshop will dilate the borders of personal narrative, region, inscription, and prediction to find synchronous moonlight.