The Poetry Project


Hybrid Poetry — 5-Session Workshop with Chia-Lun Chang

“Only things that grow from my heart are beneficial to me” — Chiu Miao-chin.

In this five-session workshop, we trace the moments and sensations that we are unable to translate into languages, then dive into transforming images with feelings, examining small conversations, systems, and labors. As we discuss the concept of ideas and ownership when naming an object, participants develop work in a form/medium of their choice. Poetry exists everywhere and every day, by planting seeds of cross-genre and experimental text, video, film, visual art and more, we consider the elements that drive a poem and challenge the presentation of poetry. Potential readings and screenings include Hung Hung, Ama Codjoe, Rigoberto González, Li-Young Lee, Wendy Xu, René Magritte and more.