The Poetry Project


Tara Aisha Willis and Damon Locks

The dancer and writer Tara Aisha Willis and the visual and sound artist Damon Locks are making and being together. They are working across sound, movement, and text; meeting at their edges and experimenting in their overlaps. For this evening, Willis and Locks bring a new duo work called Step Step Step to The Poetry Project. Of this piece, and of their collaborative practice more generally, they write:

Step Step Step is built inside the intersection of our practices and the desire to make our way towards each other. “Couple” and “collaborators” are, and are not, the same thing. After two years spent mostly alone with each other, prior boundaries we’d had around working together seemed to dissipate into the shared life we were crafting day-to-day. The piece began by watching the other person work in their element and then doing what we both do most equally, where we overlap: writing what we witness. Some words, sounds, movements resonated within our commonalities. Some kept our distinctions present and frictive. What’s left is what feels right to us. This is about the steps inside the unfolding process. This is about finding the middle point of our two, building from there, pushing against edges to make more space for ourselves and each other. This is about the possibility of buoying each other up, up, up.

This event will also be livestreamed for free on The Poetry Project's YouTube channel.