The Poetry Project


More Than a Medium. Examining Poetics as Methodology. — 10-Session workshop with Arielle Twist

I find poetry in all that I do, it is even in my dreams.

Together over this ten-week workshop we will be exploring, examining and interrogating the idea of poetics as a methodology. We will be discussing how poetics can show up through many mediums and how working with poetics in visual, performance and sonic based practices is more than just interdisciplinary, but rather calling to a poetics-based methodology outside of literately notions of what poetry is and can be.

Working from a Trans, Queer & Indigenous frameworks of legacy, orality and storytelling, we will examine the ways in which I believe poetry is being used as a methodology citing examples from my own practice and where I see it residing amongst other artists.

Although the language I am using is academic at its core, this workshop series will be more of an offering of care, knowledge sharing and an exploration of visual artists, musicians, and performers. I want to share how moving poetics out of its sometimes rigid and contentious space in a mostly literary based world gave me new insight in how I see poetics, and the endless possibility of poetry.

It is more than a medium, more than a verse, it is everything in me.

Please note: Workshop scholarships for “More Than a Medium. Examining Poetics as Methodology.” will prioritize Indigenous, trans, and BIPOC workshop attendees. Apply here by April 11.