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Photo by Ted Roeder
Photo by Ted Roeder

Since its founding in 1966, the Poetry Project has been a forum for public literary events and a resource for writers. Over the past five decades, thousands of poets, writers and performers have shared their work here. With three distinct reading/performance series, plus talks and special events, the Poetry Project is a vital and hospitable hub for the writing community in New York City.

Now in its 51st season, the Poetry Project continues to be a premiere venue for poets, writers, artists and performers whose work is experimental, innovative and pertinent to writing that proposes fresh aesthetic, cultural, philosophical and political approaches to contemporary society.

The Poetry Project’s Reading Series

While the boundaries between each of the Project’s reading series are permeable, in general, the weekly Wednesday Night Reading Series features nationally/internationally recognized poets as well as those of local renown. The biweekly Monday Night Reading Series serves as a forum for emerging poets as well as the open-mic readings. The biweekly Friday Night Reading Series provides space for poets and artists whose work is multidisciplinary. The quarterly talk series has been formally dissolved and all three series will now include talks as part of their usual programming.


General admission: $8

Students/Seniors: $7
Members: $5 or free
-No one turned away for inability to pay-

“How Do I Get A Reading?”

Participation in all series is by invitation from the series coordinator. It helps to be familiar with the Project’s schedule and what the current series coordinators are interested in (see below). While the series are curated, we are always CURIOUS. If you want to get our attention, mail your books and poems to the office at 131 E. 10th St. NY, NY 10003 or email us at Your email will be forwarded to the series coordinators.

Coordinator appointments change every two years to ensure diversity of perspective.

Curatorial Statements from the Poetry Project Series Coordinators 2018-2019

This season we’re asking what can be learned across generations and communities of poetry. We’re thinking about how poems can transfer information and practices across time, place, and experience. We’re thinking about poetic mentorship and friendship, about what’s ghostly and bracing when we sit together in a room and let a poem rearrange us. There’s necessity in this undoing—something, thankfully, the Poetry Project has been dedicated to for more than fifty years.

The Wednesday Series includes a number of events honoring poets who have pushed in countless directions the possibilities of poetry. We also have a number of events featuring poets doing this work today, exploring—from multiple positions—the implications of state violence, diaspora, inequity, and more. This season celebrates the remarkable history and future of the Poetry Project, the many lineages we ultimately preserve by virtue of our changes. – KYLE DACUYAN, EXECUTIVE Director & Wednesday Night Readings Coordinator

Labor entering language like infinity; consciousness emanating from the bodymind; scholars centering refusal; human creators obsessed with interbeing. Among poets I seek intellectuals whose primary concern is communication. My spirit revels in our existential commitment to modes of being that might endure. We are seeking our most ancient selves, even as the end of the future approaches. Quietly, from our beloved margin, we annotate, we undo. – ADJUA GREAVES, Monday Night ReadingS Coordinator

There are decades of poetic traditions, individual and collective voices, brimming from the walls of the parish hall. The Friday night series brings writers, artists, critics, performers, and audiences together in an uncontainable assembly. We’d like our series to juxtapose worlds, languages, and publics as a way of grappling with the politics and aesthetics informing our readers’ work, their intersections, differences, and shared vocabularies. Collaboratively curated, our Friday night series is always already in translation, and we host readers from here and elsewhere to invite resonances across practices, open and press urgent dialogues, build a space for shared struggles. We’re holding out for writing which has the potential to make things otherwise. We want to engage in hard listening by de-centering all too familiar narratives, worlds, and languages; because that’s one way to make the room small, be in the hold together, immediately present to each other. MIRENE ARSANIOS & RACHEL VALINSKY, Friday Night Reading CoordinatorS