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The Recluse

Submissions for The Recluse will be accepted January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019. All work must be submitted via email to with “Recluse” in the subject line. Please title your word file submission with your last name and the word “Recluse.”

For Recluse 14 we are accepting work on the theme “Out of Place,” corresponding with The Allen Ginsberg Symposium (co-presented with Howl! Arts and the Allen Ginsberg Estate) occurring on May 3, 4, and 5, 2018 at The Poetry Project.

To be *out of* something is both to be beyond the confines of that thing and to have emerged from it. The way poetry might be said to run parallel to the rest of life and also to spring from it. To be *out of place*: not just to not belong, but to no longer be somewhere out of which you have come. 

A place is a project: an ongoing attempt to designate the boundaries and purpose of a given (or taken) space. A tradition is like a place: it includes, it excludes. One can run out of space. One can get run out of space. And “place,” of course, is not a neutral term, its boundaries negotiated and enforced by power.

We are interested in outsider traditions, poetic legacies, the history of the East Village/The Poetry Project, gentrification, colonialism, belonging and place. We welcome poets to interpret the concept of *out of place* however they see fit.

The Recluse is published annually each Spring, and edited by the staff of The Poetry Project. For PDFs of past issues see the Publications section of our site. With issue 10, The Recluse moved from print to an online journal.

We suggest that people read an issue or two before submitting work! We are primarily interested in poetry and translations, but will consider other work as well.