The Poetry Project

Alexis De Veaux

Alexis appears in a portrait-oriented color photograph, cropped tightly around the head from the neck up so that almost no background is visible. She is wearing a brightly colored, multi-patterned vest or jacket, a white button down, and a dark blue bowtie with small skulls and crossed swords on it. She is wearing a fantastic yellow or chartreuse hat with multicolored feathers, silver metal cat eye sunglasses, and a blue matte lipstick that almost matches the blue of her bowtie. She is looking up and to the left and smiling.

Alexis De Veaux is a black queer feminist independent scholar whose internationally known work is published in six languages. She has been publishing fiction, poetry, plays, memoirs, and children’s literature since 1973, and her work is anthologized in numerous collections. De Veaux is the author of Yabo and Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde; and was tenured faculty at the University at Buffalo, Department of Women’s Studies, for more than twenty years, mentoring a new generation of interdisciplinary scholars of black, feminist, and queer studies.