The Poetry Project

Bojana Coklyat

Bojana, a smiling white woman in her 40's, holding a fresh, hot, cup of coffee - as if to say, come join me for a chat. Her blond hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Her bangs are swept to the left side, and she is wearing a soft, cream colored, button down shirt.

Bojana Coklyat is a disabled artist, 2019-2020 J. William Fulbright alumni and previous project leader at the NYC Museum Arts and Culture Access Consortium (MAC). In 2019, she curated Crip Imponderabilia, the first gallery exhibit at NYU centering all disabled artists and disability culture. Around this time, she began collaborating with Finnegan Shannon on the Alt-Text as Poetry project. This has included facilitating workshops at Twitter, Google and MIT. Recently, Bojana has taken on the position of associate producer on a film funded by the American Foundation for the Blind, featuring a variety of different people in the blind community. Bojana is also currently teaching a course on access and design at Parson's School of Design at The New School.