The Poetry Project

Morgan Bassichis

Morgan Bassichis is holding a microphone, speaking to a crowd. They are standing in front of a banner, which is partially blocked from you. The legible part reads, "THERE'S A BETTER LIFE / AND YOU THINK ABOUT IT / DON'T YOU?"
© Claudio Papapietro

Morgan Bassichis is a performer whose shows include Nibbling the Hand that Feeds Me (Whitney Museum, NYC, 2019), Klezmer for Beginners (Abrons Arts Center, NYC, 2019), Damned If You Duet (The Kitchen, NYC, 2018), More Protest Songs! (Danspace Project, NYC, 2018), and The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions: The Musical (New Museum, NYC, 2017). Their year-long improvisational album with Ethan Philbrick, Marches for Marches, is available from Triple Canopy. Their book The Odd Years was recently published by Wendy's Subway.