The Poetry Project

NM Esc

NM Esc is standing in front of a pinkish-purple image of Coney Island with a disco ball in the upper left corner. They are wearing a black t-shirt, and holding an iPhone with a black heart sticker on it that they are using to take the picture.

Neon Mashurov (NM Esc) is a poet, music writer, and culture worker from Brooklyn and the post-Soviet diaspora. Their writing explores the archives & practices of care that allow queer, trans, and otherwise minoritarian subjects & communities to survive amidst ambient violence, trauma, and precarity. Their work has appeared in The Felt, Peach Magazine, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, and chapzine form, most recently “Last Week’s Weather Forecast Made Me Nervous” via Ghost City Press and Secret Riso Club. They are a current MFA candidate at University of California San Diego. Find them at @neonsigh.