The Poetry Project

Spring 2023 Curatorial Statement

Dear Poets,

This spring at the Poetry Project, we are thinking about correspondence. Colors can correspond and shapes can correspond, words and events can correspond to each other, as can names and people and things. Correspondence is a relationship, or rather many kinds of relationships, and so when we think about correspondence, we of course are thinking about you, our community of poets and people who love poets, or at least poetry. What does it mean to respond to something, in language or in feeling? How might we describe the experience of relaying a message and awaiting a reply? Fred Moten begins his new book — “we’re walking / an open diary. / Inconstancy, / which seems / like exercise / in parting, / is really / overlap / and incline, / a velvet / soundmap / of approach”

We're pleased to share with you our Spring 2023 Season. Our events this season are noted as either happening virtually or in-person, with details on our event pages for registration, access, and safety practices. As we continue to update capacity and conditions for in-person gathering, please note that registration for our in-person events will open three weeks in advance of the event. All in-person events will also be livestreamed, unless otherwise noted.

We eagerly anticipate your approach,
The Poetry Project