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Shyanne Figueroa Bennett

Shyanne Figueroa Bennett is facing the camera and smiling with the sun behind her

Shyanne Figueroa Bennett is a Brooklyn poet with roots in Panama, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. In her poetry, Shyanne explores the intersections of black womanhood, Latinidad, fragmentary oral and historical narratives, spirituality, and the metamorphosis of language across diaspora landscapes. Her work is published or forthcoming in Green Mountains Review, Oversound, The Acentos Review, and Recliner, among other places. She is a VONA alum and Girl Write Now mentor. Currently, she is an MFA candidate at Columbia University, where she is a recipient of a Chair’s Fellowship and a Creative Writing Teaching Fellowship.

Shyanne Figueroa Bennett es una poeta de Brooklyn con raíces en Panamá, Jamaica y Puerto Rico. En su poesía, Shyanne explora las intersecciones de la condición de la mujeridad negra, latinidad, las narrativas orales e históricas fragmentarias, la espiritualidad y la metamorfosis del lenguaje en los paisajes de la diáspora. Su obra es publicada o se publicará próximamente en Green Mountains Review, Oversound, The Acentos Review y Recliner, además de otros lugares. Es alumna de VONA y mentora de Girl Write Now. Actualmente es candidata a MFA en Columbia University, donde recibió becas de la cátedra y de enseñanza de escritura creativa.