The Poetry Project

Untucked Poems + Divination Deck

Jessica Harvey

Untucked Poems

Elon Musk fucked up a space launch again
one more rocket explosion
I think the tally is four

another day
another tech bro circle jerk

staring out the window
I wonder how we ended up here
when what we were really invested in
was psychic space travel

I look over at my purple friend

“well, come on teletubby
teleport us to mars!”

it was a simple enough request
I’m pretty sure she had done it before
and I’d do pretty much anything
to get out of this conference room

I close my eyes
Wooah Woooah
I’m acting!

and then

the earth is so tiny
this red dirt is so scratchy

but looking down at those assholes from space
I know
this bitch is for real

go online
search the local SPCA
find a perfect dog


a crooked smile
smiling back at me

when we go for a walk
everyone says

You’re perfect
You’re beautiful
You look like Linda Evangelista
You’re a model!
Everything about you is perfect
Did you stone those tights?

My dog
she could walk out there in a fucking diaper
and would be like
"Valentina! Your smile is beautiful.”

*these two poems were written using material from all the open tabs on my computer and excerpts from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked.

Divination Deck

Series of eight cards that read: tender terrain / many hands need to lift the couch / put it back into the work - dynasty handbag / follow the pulse / befriend yourself and where you're at / a wrathful god! / are you even human? / magic of resentment
Series of eight cards that read: what are the stakes? / explore the trash bin of your own mind / a zoom cry room / notice EMOTIONS / pretend to get it for the sake of moving on / expand on boredom / try it again! / outlast your own doubt
Eight cards reading: ritual sacrifice of projects / writing doesn't have to be a justification of yourself / bad idea. not just once. but three times! / how much of YOU do you let into your work? / the ridiculousness of perfection / Use the Bad Thing as JUICE / I have no idea what I'm doing / trust yourself
Series of eight cards reading: water always finds the lowest point / when will it end? / vegan spam / "yes and"ing failure / work won't love you back / is it intergenerational trauma or is it capitalism / whatever feels useful to you / an acute understanding of mortality

Funny Swirl DIY Divination Deck, created from the class's communal notes. Can be printed at home for all your fortune telling needs.

Work from Funny Swirl with Morgan Bassichis