The Poetry Project

#111--January-February 1985

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Editor: Tim Dlugos


  • "Blood on the Cutting Room Floor" by Charles Bernstein
  • "Jay Wright's Speech: 'A Plumb Line to the Echo of the Earth'" by Lorenzo Thomas
  • "Portraits of Writers" by Larry Stanton

Book Reviews:

  • Ground Work: Before the War by Robert Duncan; reviewed by Bruce Boone
  • New Poems by Rainer Marie Rilke, trans. by Edward Snow; reviewed by Stephen Pascal
  • AP by Steve Carey; reviewed by Gary Lenhart
  • Six books from Maureen Owens Summer Mimeo Workshop by Bernadette Mayer, Tone Blevins, Simone Davis, Cheryl Fish, Ann Kregal, and Jennifer Nostrand; reviewed by Bob Holman


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