The Poetry Project

2022 Fourth Annual Brannan Prize

The Poetry Project is very pleased to share that Arianne Ayu Alizio has been selected as the winner of the Fourth Annual Brannan Prize! Judge Daniel Borzutzky selected Arianne's work out of a staggering 550 submissions, stating:

These Brannan Prize winning poems are awesome! Visually, they are surprising, innovative and evocative; their shapes are brilliant containers that emit the energies and drives and desires that the poems communicate. The lines are poignant, rich, and memorable (“until I’m ancient again/until I’ve been here before”…. “give me your sharpest penance and not xxxxx lollipop reinforcements.”) !*&#@!! These are challenging, fun, powerful poems and I’m excited to see what’s next for our author whose vision and spirit will surely delight and inspire readers.

Read Arianne’s work here

The Brannan Prize