The Poetry Project

Regan de Loggans


I see you
You cross the spirit realm
Mud weighs your feet
The creatures from beyond
pull you down
They peck and scratch
But continue you must
We are with open arms
On the other side
We will hold you
Broken and bloody
We will mend you
Your dignity restored
Lean on us
Lean on me
I carry your burden
Do not apologize
You did nothing wrong
We wronged you
We apologize for not hearing
Your call
But we will never
Make that mistake again
Lean on me.
I will carry your weight.
I will wash the mud from your feet
The blood from your eyes
I will braid your hair
And kiss your cheeks
And you will enter
The spirit realm renewed
You did nothing wrong
We wronged you.
You will never be forgotten
I remember you
We remember you
And we fight
For your dignity
I see you
On the other side
Reborn in grace 🥀

Issue 18