The Poetry Project


Intimacy & Failure — 3-Session Intensive Workshop with Nuar Alsadir

“We always forget that our consciousness is only a surface,” wrote Carl Jung, “our consciousness is the avant-garde of our psychological existence.” If we focus only on the parts of ourself we feel comfortable placing at the front line, that we anticipate others celebrating—parts that signal our belonging through awareness of contemporary trends and codes—we are likely to “derail […] because we have neglected our tail-ends.” What happens, then, if we get beneath the surface of our consciousness and attend to our derrière-garde, put our tail-end forward? In this three-day intensive workshop, we will explore the parts of our talent we don’t value (or like). The focus will be on psychological excavation that generates material, unearths musical and syntactical forms, and taps into energy sources that we have neglected out of fear that they will not generate work that will be affirmed by others. We will strive, as individuals and as a community, to “LOVE the hideous,” as Mina Loy advises, “in order to find the sublime core of it.”