The Poetry Project


Joss Barton & Casey Plett

Writers Casey Plett and Joss Barton open The Poetry Project’s fall season in a tour-de-force demonstration of trans literary verve. Hailing from St. Louis and Chicago, Barton brings her DIY prowess and vivid, poignant lines to her first performance at St. Mark’s. Plett’s lyrical, haunting fiction animates a sharply class-conscious sense of trans life, linked across rural and urban communities from Brooklyn to Mennonite Canada. Fuck the moral panic: Plett and Barton are as severe and relentless in their writing as our moment requires.

We hope you can join us at 7 pm for a reception before the event!

- - -

Cecilia Gentili was originally scheduled to read this evening; due to a shift in availability, we'll be excited to welcome Cecilia for our Spring 2024 Season. Stay tuned for details!