The Poetry Project


The 48th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon

Flyer featuring a drawing by Rosemary Mayer of fabric folded and wrapped



11 AM - NOON
Emily Johnson; Lydia Cortés; Marcella Durand; danilo machado; Rachel James; John Coletti; Annabel Lee; Justin Cabrillos; Edmund Berrigan; John Godfrey; Jennifer Firestone; and Rev. Micah Bucey

Alicia Mountain; Jeremy Hoevenaar; Anna Gurton-Wachter; Arvo Villars; Emmalea Russo; Barbara Henning; Sharon Mesmer; Farid Matuk; Chavisa Woods; Ian Dreiblatt; Aristilde Kirby; Sara Larsen; Wendy Lotterman; and Susan Briante

1 - 2 PM
Don Yorty; Ted Dodson; Shiv Kotecha; Iris McCloughan; DAYS (Ethan Philbrick & Ned Riseley); imogen xtian smith; Miguel Gutierrez; Bob Rosenthal; Jim Behrle; Justin Hicks; Erica Hunt; and David Henderson

2 - 3 PM
Yuki Hartman Public Access Poetry; Jordan Davis; Anthony Thomas Lombardi; Francisco Márquez; Katie Fowley; Daisy Atterbury; Holly Melgard; Rachelle Rahmé; Katie Ebbitt; KPrevallet; Luiza Flynn-Goodlett; Pareesa Pourian; Christine Shan Shan Hou; Kaleem Hawa; Sheila Maldonado; and Harris Schiff

3 - 4 PM
Douglas Dunn & Steven Taylor; Kamikaze Jones; Mayra Rodríguez Castro; Anne Tardos; Shayla Lawz; Ernie Brooks, Jeannine Otis, & Peter Zummo; Bob Holman; Marcos de la Fuente; Eddy Kwon; Jameson Fitzpatrick; Diana Hamilton; Fred Moten; Jonas Jonasson; and Morgan Bassichis

4 - 5 PM
Vanessa Dion Fletcher; Alisha Mascarenhas; Joey Yearous-Algozin; Filip Marinovich; Ru Puro; Sophia Dahlin; Lee Ann Brown; Logan February; Steph Gray; Paul Legault; Lucas de Lima; Michael Gottlieb; and Stephon Lawrence

5 - 6 PM
Anthony Roth Costanzo with Bryan Wagorn; Wayne Koestenbaum; Eleni Sikelianos; benedict nguyen; Jill Pangallo & Shane Shane; Dusty Childers; Ama Birch; Mike DeCapite; Joan La Barbara; Dael Orlandersmith; Greg Masters; Jo Ann Wasserman; Brendan Lorber; and CA Conrad

6 - 7 PM
Lucy Ives; Wendy Trevino; Matt Longabucco; Sara Jane Stoner; Brenda Coultas; Gabriel Kruis; Eugene Lim; Joanne Kyger on Public Access Poetry; Benjamin Krusling; Alexis Almeida; Mike Lala; Fanny Howe; Celina Su; Constance deJong; and Rachel Levitsky

7 - 8 PM
Anne Waldman; Lee Ranaldo; Charles Bernstein; Nicole Peyrafitte; Diego Gerard; Todd Colby; Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola; Peter Gizzi; Simone White; Pierre Joris; Edgar Oliver; Ariana Reines; Cecilia Vicuña; Vincent Katz; M. Lamar; and Penny Arcade

8 - 9 PM
Brandon Brown; Aaron Fagan; Gala Mukomolova; Urayoán Noel; Ben Fama; Kimberly Alidio; Noah LeBien; Marie Buck; Hoa Nguyen; Suzanne Kite; Stacy Szymaszek; S. Erin Batiste; Alli Warren & Syd Staiti; Desiree C. Bailey; Ana Božičević; and Claire Donato with Anastasios Karnazes (@airpodlatte113)

9 - 10 PM
Lydia Lunch; Joseph Keckler; Alexandra Tatarsky; Hannah Black; Kyle Carrero Lopez; McKenzie Wark; Wo Chan; Andrea Abi-Karam; Kay Gabriel; and Laura Ortman

10 - 11 PM
Cookie Mueller on Public Access Poetry; Ry Dunn & Becca Teich; Stine An; Never Angeline Nørth; s t e p h s collective; Tiana Reid; Charles Theonia; Violet Spurlock; Anaïs Duplan; Rosie Stockton; Amy Ruhl; Yaz Lancaster; Mel Elberg; Ivanna Baranova; and Jo Barchi

Patricia Spears Jones; Yoshiko Chuma; Eileen Myles; Edwin Torres; Anselm Berrigan; Pamela Sneed; Sasha Banks; Will Farris; Roberto Montes; Nicole Wallace; Laura Henriksen; and Kyle Dacuyan


The Poetry Project is so excited to welcome 2022 with you all!

From 11 am to midnight on Saturday, January 1, 2022 we’ll be presenting video contributions from over 160+ poets, performers, dancers, and musicians from all over the world!

In addition to being a beloved community event where we have gathered together to set intentions and celebrate creativity for almost fifty years, The Marathon has historically been our most important fundraiser of the year. Ticket revenue sustains our calendar of events, learning programs, and publications presented throughout the year, all of which are important paid opportunities for about 500 poets, artists, writers, performers, and teachers annually.

We're thrilled to be able to offer this event once again as a free continuous livestream!


The Poetry Project is committed to making The 48th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon inclusive and accessible for individuals with different experiences, and are continuously working to improve and expand upon accessibility measures. Please see below for a few notes on accessibility. If you have a question about either of these resources, or an accessibility measure we haven't described, please contact us at

Live Captioning

Live captions will be available on the Facebook Live stream. To activate captions, just click the “CC” button on the Facebook Live video player.

Live transcription of the broadcast will also be shared via Otter Live Notes. Poetry Project volunteers will share links to the transcript in chat. When you click the link a new tab will open in your browser which contains the live transcript.

Additionally, Google Chrome users can turn on live captioning in your Google Chrome settings. Captions will appear in your browser with a slight delay whenever speech is detected. See more details and instructions here.

Visual Descriptions

Poetry Project volunteers will be sharing visual descriptions of performers in the YouTube Live chat.

Cover image: Drawings by Rosemary Mayer, 1971-1973, Courtesy of the Estate of Rosemary Mayer.