The Poetry Project

The 47th Annual New Year's Day Marathon

Tune in at 11PM EST on 12/31/20

The 47th Annual New Year's Day Marathon © Artwork credit: James Bartolacci

The 47th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon will begin at 11PM EST on December 31st on this webpage, and will be simultaneously multi-streamed to The Poetry Project's Facebook Live and YouTube live accounts. An hour by hour schedule of the broadcast is below.

The New Year's Day Marathon has historically been The Poetry Project's most important fundraiser of the year. While this year's presentation is free to access, if you feel compelled to support our vision of more collective, care-based, and equitable cultural community, you can make a contribution here.

Youtube Live will feature embedded captions for all pre-recorded material. Live transcription of the broadcast will also be available via Otter Live Notes. Due to length limitations with Otter transcripts there will be a new Otter transcript page every 8 hours or so. When you click a link a new tab will open in your browser which contains the live transcript.

You can find a breakdown of each page by hour below (all times Eastern). Staff will also share the corresponding Otter Transcription link in chat during the broadcast.

From 01/01 3:00pm - 01/01 10:00pm (Eastern)

From 01/01 10:00pm - Midnight (Eastern)

24-HOUR SCHEDULE: please note all times are in EST and subject to change. Performances within each hour are listed in the order of appearance.

Throughout the broadcast, we'll also be remembering beloved poets, artists, and friends who are no longer living: Miguel Algarín, Steve Cannon, Steve Dalachinsky, Diane di Prima, John Giorno, Jonas Mekas, and Lewis Warsh. We're so grateful for the continued presence of each of these co-celebrants, whose names are marked in italics below. Tune in at the appointed hour for special archival presentations of their readings and performances at The Poetry Project.

11pm - midnight
VIDEOS & PERFORMANCES by Diamanda Galás / Bhanu Kapil / Morgan Bassichis / WITH LIVE PERFORMANCES from Yoshiko Chuma & Dane Terry / Jayson P. Smith / Penny Arcade / Pamela Sneed / and a countdown

midnight - 1am
VIDEOS & PERFORMANCES by Caelan Nardone / Wo Chan / Rachel Rabbit White / Ariel Goldberg, Dan Paz, Jess Barbagallo & Chris Giarmo / danilo machado / Aisha Sasha John / José Olivarez / mai c. doan / Gabriel Kruis / Alexandra Tatarsky / Silky Shoemaker / Maxe Crandall with Julie Moon / Jos Charles / P. Splash Collective

1am - 2am
VIDEOS & PERFORMANCES by Jibade Khalil Huffman / Joseph Keckler / Prageeta Sharma / sam sax / Trisha Low / archival reading from Diane di Prima / Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens with Vernon Legakis / Jay Deshpande / Erika Hodges / Carolina Ebeid & Jeffrey Pethybridge / Joyelle McSweeney / Candace Hansen / NM Esc / Amooz Boosh (Hamed Sinno, Piper Hill & Trevor Van de Velde)

2am - 3:30am
MUSIC VIDEOS, READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Michelle Tea / Brendan Joyce / Brontez Purnell / Macy Rodman / Bebe Huxley / Special Interest / Telepathic Children / Moor Mother / Pvssyheaven / Michael Stasis / Yaawn / Wendy Eisenberg / Patsy / Maya Songbird / CC Dust / OORUTAICHI / Cat Mahatta

3:30am - 4:30am

4:30am - 6:00am
PUBLIC ACCESS POETRY recordings with James Sherry & Yuki Hartman (October 20, 1977) / Regina Beck & Miguel Algarín (July 13, 1975) / Eileen Myles & Alice Notley (July 16, 1977)

6am - 7am
A TRANCE NOISE IMMERSION with Kristin Prevallet / archival reading from John Giorno / GUIDED WRITING with Sara Jane Stoner

7am - 8am
GUIDED WRITING with Joshua Escobar / READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Douglas Rothschild / Nathaniel Siegel / Elinor Nauen / Steve Benson / David Kirschenbaum / Bruce Andrews & Sally Silvers / Maud Pryor / Michael Lally / Eline Marx & Francisca Jiménez / Ilka Scobie / Steven Taylor

8am - 8:30am
Making Crêpes with Nicole Peyrafitte & Pierre Joris

8:30am - 10am
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Bob Holman / Jan-Henry Gray / Julia Mounsey & Peter Mills Weiss / Mitch Corber / LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs / Katie Ebbitt / Annabel Lee / Arden Wohl & Elizabeth Hart / Ian Dreiblatt / Omar Berrada / Sharon Mesmer / Susan Howe / Ed Friedman / Lee Ann Brown & Bethany Hughes / Jordan Davis / Anna Gurton-Wachter / Rosmarie Waldrop / Helga Davis / Sarah Riggs / Paolo Javier / Don Yorty / George Abraham / Sophie Robinson / Trevor Ketner / Dana Ward

10am - 11am
Yuko Otomo, Steve Dalachinsky & Matthew Mottel / Edmund Berrigan / Rachael Wilson / Karen Weiser / Stephen Motika / No Bra / Barbara Browning / Mirene Arsanios / John Coletti / Simon Pettet / Rosamond S. King / Jennifer Firestone / Todd Colby / Monica Youn / Jaye Bartell / Gillian McCain

11am - 11:30am
WHISPERING PINES 10: an internet soap opera by Shana Moulton, with music and libretto by Nick Hallett, and performances by Shana Moulton, Daisy Press, Katie Eastburn, Nick Hallett, Pauline Kim Harris, Jeanann Dara, Shelley Burgon, Jane Yooh, Ana Matronic, and Peter Hess

11:30am - 1pm
THIS BRIDGE CALLED MY ASS by Miguel Gutierrez / PAINTED DREAMS: Season 3 by Patty Gone / "elevator" by benjamin krusling & Simone White / archival reading from Lewis Warsh

1pm - 2pm
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Foamola (Lawrence Fishberg, Sylvia Gorelick, Violet Snow, Sparrow) / Brendan Lorber / Mónica de la Torre / Matt Longabucco / Carrie Lorig / Bob Rosenthal / Jen Fisher / Judah Rubin / Safaa Fathy / Rachel Levitsky / Greg Masters / Ricardo Alberto Maldonado & Omotara James / Maryam Ivette Parhizkar / Dennis Cooper / Momtaza Mehri

2pm - 3pm
VIDEOS & PERFORMANCES by Brontez Purnell / Chris Nealon / Caroline Bergvall / Anne Carson / Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué / Yaz Lancaster / Parker Menzimer & Garrett Rosenblum / Sarah Hennies / Steph Gray / Sky Hopinka / Soda Jerk / Charles Bernstein

3pm - 4pm
SAVE EAST RIVER PARK with Marcella Durand, Emily Johnson, Eileen Myles, and Jasmin Sanchez

4pm - 5pm
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola / Diego Gerard / Ashley M. Jones / Mel Elberg / archival reading from Jonas Mekas / St. Mark's Choir / Edgar Oliver / Andrei Codrescu / Denizé Lauture / Mariana Valencia / Jasmine Gibson / Serena Devi / Rosa Alcalá / Brenda Hillman / Eleni Sikelianos / Hala Alyan

5pm - 6pm
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Stacy Szymaszek / Krystal Languell / archival performance from Steve Cannon / Daniel Borzutzky / Tess Brown-Lavoie / Carley Moore / Philip Metres / Ethan Philbrick / Cedar Sigo / Gia Gonzales / Taylor Johnson / Wendy Xu / Candace Williams / edua restrepo / archival reading from Miguel Algarín

6pm - 7pm
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by The Queer Arabs / Andrea Lawlor / Thurston Moore & Radieux Radio / Laura Ortman / Kimberly Alidio / archival reading from Miguel Algarín / Jacqueline Waters / Marwa Helal / xime izquierdo ugaz / Manal Kara / Nabila Lovelace / Michelle Peñaloza / Shayla Lawz / archival reading from Diane di Prima

7pm - 8pm
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Wayne Koestenbaum / Joan La Barbara / Lydia Davis / Norma Cole / Brenda Coultas / Robert Glück / Bennet Bergman / Cecilia Gentili / Fred Moten / Raquel Salas Rivera / Tongo Eisen-Martin / Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves

8pm - 9pm
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Kay Gabriel / Hannah Black / Devendra Banhart / Patricia Spears Jones / Ada Limón / Will Alexander / Anselm Berrigan / Cecilia Vicuña / Yanyi / Imani Elizabeth Jackson / Mahogany L. Browne / Eloisa Amezcua

9pm - 10pm
NEW YEAR'S DAY RITUAL with CA Conrad featuring Kazim Ali, Kyle Dacuyan, Patricia Spears Jones, erica kaufman, Paul Legault, Sawako Nakayasu, Amanda Paradise, Jayson P. Smith / READINGS & PERFORMANCES by The Blow / Edwin Torres / Sam Ace / Natalie Shapero / Anne Waldman with Fast Speaking Music / John Godfrey / Gabrielle Octavia Rucker / Farnoosh Fathi

10pm - 11pm
READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Óscar Moisés Díaz / Bridget Talone / Divya Victor / Julie Tolentino / archival reading from John Giorno / John Rufo / Bianca Stone / Joey de Jesus / Bryn Evans / Filip Marinovich / Jim Behrle / Bayley Blaisdell & Madison Davis / Morgan Vo / Melinda Marcellus

11pm - midnight
Ariana Reines / Archival lecture from Alice Notley, "The Poetry of Everyday Life" / READINGS & PERFORMANCES by Lydia Cortés / Dave Morse / Ivanna Baranova / Katie Brunero / Cori Hutchinson / Anna Kreienberg / James Barickman / Will Farris / Andrea Abi-Karam / Roberto Montes / Nicole Wallace / Laura Henriksen / Kyle Dacuyan

Land Acknowledgement, Accountability, and Safer Spaces

The Poetry Project has been presenting live readings, performance, and other work out of St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery since 1966. We are committed to continuously and critically engaging the history and future of our presence in this particular space, and as part of that, we would like to acknowledge that this venue is built upon unceded indigenous lands, specifically the territory of the Lenape people. We recognize the continual displacement and violence perpetrated against Indigenous people and people of color by the US and are aware that these kinds of acknowledgments can be misused as stand-ins for actual decolonization work, which is something for us to bear in mind as we go forward in our ongoing commitment to accountability, reparation, and equity.

We pride ourselves at The Poetry Project on being a space and community that expands access to poems, poets, education, and opportunities for sharing one’s work. Individuals who read at The Project support and show up for other members of the community in a number of different ways. We upend traditional notions of teacher, student, critic, and scholar in our workshops and publications. We set up the chairs collectively at the readings, and we put them back after the event the same way.

We endeavor to make The Poetry Project a counter-hierarchal, radically open place, where we can complicate and unsettle the center and the margin, amplify voices that have been historically silenced, and explore other possible ways of being together. We recognize that within this, we bear responsibility to express and uphold certain values that leave no space for behavior that is harmful, disrespectful, or further inflicts injustice, discrimination, or violence against our community.

We affirm our commitment to these values and also would like to express our recognition that their enactment requires ongoing reflection and self-criticality. In a community such as ours, it is not enough to statically repeat values from one moment to another. We must dedicate time, attention, and resources to continually making safer space, and in an always more inclusive manner. We use the terms “safer” and “more inclusive” to indicate that these conditions are not perfectible, fixed, or finite; they are qualities of community which we are continuously working toward.

We will say this: racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and other forms of violence do not have a place at The Poetry Project. And we will say this too: we keep ourselves receptive and accountable to critique. This community is made by all of us. We invite your continued participation in envisioning what that can be.