The Poetry Project

Dial-A-Poem USA


Dial-A-Poem USA is a collaboration between The Poetry Project and Giorno Poetry Systems.

In 1968, the artist John Giorno launched Dial-A-Poem, an experiment in distributing poetry outside of traditional magazines and publishing houses. Anyone could call the Dial-A-Poem number and hear a recording, randomly selected, of one of the original 35 poems.

Dial-A-Poem USA collects the work of a new generation of writers.

You can access Dial-A-Poem USA at 718-957-2379. The current poets in rotation are Joss Barton, Courtney Bush, Ian Dreiblatt, Patricia Spears Jones, Stephon Lawrence, Wendy Lotterman, Gail Scott, and Keioui Keijaun Thomas. More poets will join soon.