The Poetry Project

Dolores Dorantes

In this selfie, Dolores Dorantes is wearing a yellow sweater, her long hair parted down the middle, looking at the camera and smiling

Dolores Dorantes is the Executive Director of Mujer Migrante, publisher of Hoja Frugal and Acharya in the Buddhist tradition, a journalist, writer, therapist, poet, performer, and sacred animal. She is a Mexican born in the mountains of Veracruz in 1973 but raised in Ciudad Juárez, right next door to El Paso, which is just across the US border. In 2011, she fled her country and was granted political asylum in Los Angeles. Dorantes is Black and Nahua Indigenous on her mother's side, Spaniard and mestiza on her father's side. Recent books translated into English are The River, a collaboration with the artist Zoe Leonard, and Style. Her socio-cultural writings and political-social reflections, along with the majority of her books, are part of the commons at She believes in a United Latin America.