The Poetry Project

imogen xtian smith

imogen is featured in a portrait-oriented picture cropped from mid-waist up. They are wearing black overalls, a black leather jacket, dangly earrings, large clear enamel-framed glasses, and a flower crown. Behind appears to be an outdoor party. Trees and blurs of people are visible in the background.

imogen xtian smith is a poet & performer living in Lenapehoking / Brooklyn, NY. Their work has appeared in Baest, B L U S H, Folder, The Rumpus, The Poetry Project Newsletter, & Tagvverk (among others), as well as in We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics. A 2021-22 Emerge Surface Be Fellow at The Poetry Project, imogen’s debut collection, stemmy things, is out from Nightboat Books.