The Poetry Project

Lindsey Boldt

In this black and white photo, Lindsey Boldt sits at her kitchen table, wearing a turtleneck sweater and holding a white mug with a poem from her book Weirding printed on it. The type is too small to read, but it says: "can u shit / w/o a coffee / & can u shit /w/o a phone in your hand / i'm interested in how my bowels might function under capitalism / i'm interested to know / how sturdy my shits/ might be w/o it". She is smiling.
© Steve Orth

Lindsey Boldt is a poet, songwriter, playwright, and devotee of all things impromptu and playful, particularly Poets Theater. She is the author of the poetry collection, Weirding, from Dogpark Collective, the novella, Overboard, from Publication Studio, and several chapbooks including Titties for Lindsey and There Are No Cops in America and the Streets are Paved w/ Cheese. She works as editorial director of Nightboat Books and lives in Olympia, Washington on Squaxin and Nisqually land.